Drug Intervention in Nevada

Drug Intervention in Nevada

drug-intervention-nevadaLiving with an addiction can make a family feel like finding help is impossible. What they should know is that a drug intervention in Nevada is possible.

According to a 2007 study, Nevada ranked among the top highest states in several categories for drug use and abuse. {whitehouse.gov} This tells us is that too many families are living with the effects of a serious addiction. Most people realize how much addiction impacts an individual but the effects are usually felt through the entire family. So, what options are available for a family who wants to help their loved one get healthy?


The first step for most individuals battling an addiction is entrance into a detoxification facility. These medical facilities will help your loved one eliminate the drug from their system in a safe and supportive environment. Because withdrawal can come with potentially serious and dangerous side effects it is imperative to go through this process with the guidance of trained professionals.

Inpatient Programs

After Detox is complete many individuals will need to enter an inpatient program. These programs provide round the clock care for your loved one. They will receive one-on-one therapy, group therapy, emotional support and other supportive services. An inpatient facility provides an excellent stepping-stone on the path to sobriety.

Outpatient Programs

After an inpatient program has been completed your loved one will need to enter into a longer-term outpatient program. There are many options for outpatient support. Some people will do best with an outpatient therapist. This type of individualized, one-on-one therapy is a great support system. Other individuals might prefer a more intense program like an Intensive Outpatient Program. These programs provide therapy, group support and other supportive services for several hours each weekday. They typically run these programs in the morning or evening so that your loved one can continue to work or attend school.

Another option for outpatient therapy is group therapy. Groups of individuals living with similar difficulties meet each week (or more) with a mental health professional. The therapist will guide the group through discussions about what obstacles arise that challenge sobriety. The support of others who understand the personal struggles can be a huge help.

What is most important to take away is that for families looking for a Drug Intervention in Nevada there is help ready for you. You just have to take the first step.



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