Paradise Interventionist

Paradise Interventionist


An interventionist is someone family members and friends contact when they need the skills of an expert in order to influence and assist a loved one addicted to drugs seek the treatment he or she deems necessary to help them get clean.

Finding A Qualified Paradise Interventionist

Although many people possess a natural ability to temporarily convince a loved one to check into a drug rehab facility,there is way more involved with being an interventionist than that. Really, if that is their only skill, the majority of individuals who entered into a drug treatment center will likely vacillate in their commitment to stay clean once they leave a facility and will often relapse soon after.

A professional Paradise interventionist does more than just focus on the short term goal of helping someone get treatment; they work with the loved one addicted to drugs without ultimatums or a forceful tone and have likely conducted hundreds of interventions in the past that have a high percentage of success long term. In addition, an expert interventionist works with a professional staff that can provide concerned family members and friends with the resources they need to support their loved one throughout the drug recovery process.

An interventionist can execute an intervention using effective models based on the Systemic or S.M.A.R.T. Model, the Invitational or Johnson Model. They also must be incorporated and be able to provide all documents on request of their qualifications (insured,bonded, registered and/or licensed or board certified,) practice from a physical building, be on call after the intervention for any ongoing crises that may occur and provide printed material of their intervention protocol. Finally, the cost of a professional interventionist should range from $2500-$7500 plus expenses.

Because an intervention can be an exceptionally difficult time for the participants to deal with emotionally, an expert interventionist will rehearse how an intervention will take place and where it should be held,for example. The key component for any intervention is for all involved to show respect and dignity to their loved one by refraining from engaging in shouting matches and finger pointing with their loved one. The interventionist can also guide family and friends establish boundaries firmly and confidently in order to convey their resolve to no longer act as enablers to their loved one’s drug habit while still expressing love and support to them.

It is important to note that an inexperienced interventionist can do more harm than good. Selecting a qualified interventionist,therefore, is imperative to make an intervention have the most positive outcome since most loved ones will agree to go to treatment over 90 percent of the time.

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